Vision meets opportunity

The pleasure of forging something new. Identification of an opportunity with a focus on construction machinery. The vision to build an international sales and service network. From Vienna along the Danube to the Black Sea. INDUSTRIE HOLDING is born.


Growing by leaps and bounds

The initial stage is marked by rapid expansion. INDUSTRIE HOLDING extends its sales network across the whole Danube region under the TERRA brand. The manufacturer JCB, a leading global construction equipment brand, is the driving force for expansion. During this period of rapid growth, branches are established from the Vienna headquarters on the Danube to the mouth of the river in Romania.

In line with its enthusiasm for mechanical engineering, INDUSTRIE HOLDING focuses on another business area: specialised lifting vehicles for in-house logistics. The BULMOR brand combines traditional expertise in mechanical engineering with innovative technologies. BULMOR is a developer, producer and distributor. The company gradually reinforces the structure of its market presence in Western Europe, and in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in particular. The construction of a production facility in Perg, Austria, triples production capacity. The company broadens its product range with multidirectional lifting equipment and Ambulift Medical Highloaders.


The crisis years

The severe turmoil of the financial crisis and its effects inevitably lead to a sharpening of the company’s business contours. The product range is strategically reorganised. The whole organisation condenses its business regions as well as its internal corporate structures, resulting in a significant learning effect.

2015 >

Ready to tackle new challenges

INDUSTRIE HOLDING is consolidated and professionalised. Matured and energised. TERRA develops new services and actively maintains its focus. BULMOR reaches a new level by building another new production facility and strategically expanding its product range. A third line of business complements INDUSTRIE HOLDING’s activities: PROFIRENT is in the business of machinery and equipment rental, with a geographical focus on Hungary. For the moment.


900 employees at 60 locations in 15 countries generating a turnover of around 260 million euros across 3 business units