In Austria

Perg, Vienna

Other locations

Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom

The BULMOR Group’s focus is on specialised lifting vehicles for in-house logistics. The umbrella brand comprises development, production, sales and service. It combines highly specific mechanical engineering expertise with a dealership and service network extending across Europe and as far as Australia, Canada and the Arab region.

BULMOR products move goods in the narrowest spaces, whether the items are long and bulky or extremely heavy. Or both.

BULMOR moves people, too: as a means of transport for PRM passengers (persons with reduced mobility) at airports. The Ambulift Medical Highloaders product line stems from a combination of the “basic concept of specialised lifting vehicles”, BULMOR’s strategic expertise and the specific field of application. Passengers enjoy safe, barrier-free transfer to and from the aircraft, while airports benefit from increased ground handling speeds.

All of the product groups have one thing in common: in addition to standard production models with a high degree of customisation, made-to-order products are also becoming increasingly important.

190 employees
Mechanical engineering expertise since 1879
Lifting capacity of up to 80 tonnes
In use at 7 of the 10 largest airports in Europe - and worldwide

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